About Me

The Beginning

I am a British professional poker player and have been pro for around 2-3 years. I have a BSc honours in Economics from The University of Sheffield with study abroad at Australian National University (ANU), one of the world's leading universities. My study provided me with solid mathematical foundations, strong logical decision making and some detailed exposure to understanding variance and risk. It also gave me my first insight into advanced game theory.


My Aim

Poker is my life, and I enjoy dedicating the majority of my time to playing, studying or coaching. My aim is to take students on my journey to high stakes with me, to develop together, and create a network of growth with other top poker coaches and professionals and their students.

The Road to High Stakes

As you can tell, I don't want to be alone on my journey. I am happy to share my processes as I improve over time as a player and a coach. I will regularly update my blog page and encourage you to reach out and contact me.

Any questions, support, advice or collaboration ideas? Just drop me a message.

Off the Tables

Outside poker, I co-founded a career coaching company, The Leader Hub (https://www.theleaderhub.co.uk) , and represent the company as one of its coaching associates. I provide support for businesses and individuals that want to thrive in competitive business environments and to develop a mental skillset that supports high-performance.

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