My Strengths

High ROI

I have retained a 30-40% ROI over this time frame at low/mid stakes. I will help provide the fundamentals that enable you to increase your ROI significantly over time. Once accompanied with high volume of 4000 games + per year will translate in to high, consistent returns.

Full game overview

I will provide you with a clear overview of your game when we start so we can agree on where your biggest strengths and weaknesses are. This will allow us to form a clear plan of where to put our study time and why this will make the most impact EV wise. This promotes improving confidence and sustaining motivation over time.

Regular performance on the tables

My coaching comes from what makes me money on the tables. I have been through the low stakes journey and am transitioning through mid stakes. I will therefore be with you on the tables as we progress together, offering support and tips to practically apply what we study.


I have full access and a strong understanding of the following software:
-PioSolver -HRC -ICMizer + SnG coach -Equilab -PT4/HM3 (database analysis)

PSKO tournaments

Coverage of adjustments to PSKO tournaments, the maths behind the theory and the differences between normal tournaments.

Coaching support and development

As I detailed in the "about me" section, I co-founded a career coaching company ( that is lucky to partner with many quality career coaching professionals. They will help me improve over time as a coach, giving me support and feedback on coaching performances. Just like poker, I am motivated to improve as a coach and am surrounded by people that can help this.

Mental game

I offer mental game help with topics such as managing emotion (tilt, anxiety, confidence, motivation) as well as introduction into the influence of meditating and managing ego on MTT poker performance.

What I Want To Improve


Although I am lucky and grateful for a close network of great pros and coaches, I want to expand my network of as I progress through the stakes. Any collaboration ideas or support is hugely appreciated, so please message me. 

Relationships in poker

This goes further than just netwrking. I love to meet new poker players, especially conscientios, hard-working people that like to devellop. I love making plans to study and push eachother in all areas of life, so please message me if you think we could partner up and work together. Helping eachother is what I love about our community, and I want to be part of it more. 

Recent Results



Common Questions

What is the price?

For low stakes £35 for approx 1.5 hours, mid stakes £50 for approx 1.5hours. Please get in touch to take the next step.

Who do you coach?

I am taking on players with professional attitudes towards the game. This is full time or part time players averaging between $5-$30 ABI.

What stakes do you coach?

My coaching will help you beat low-mid stakes tournaments and crush those stakes enough to progress with consistent hard work.

What software do I need for coaching?

Ideally Discord or Zoom for communication and screen sharing but I am happy to use other alternatives. A poker tracker of some sort is required (not necessarily straight away) so I can see your stats and win rate. Any other studying software is optional but I would recommend being familiar at least with a post-flop solver (PioSolver) and HRC/ICMizer.

What do I expect from students?

I think dedication and open-mindedness are key. Patience is also important as results fluctuate, and focussing on your long run growth and improvement will be crucial. There is no magic pill to improving, however the process will be significantly faster than taking the journey on your own. Finally, a positive mindset and healthy attitude to learning will also go a long way.

How do I start?

Go straight to the contact form and contact me using the form provided or message me on Instagram.

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